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Lots of beautiful machines in Riverbank on Wednesday night!

All photos are now uploaded, but this is NOT the final result. These are just unedited copies so if you see something you may like, let me know and I will spiffy it up for you by cropping, lightening, etc.

If anyone would like to get their car out of the crowded conditions of the show and into a scene where we can really make your car look great, contact me and we can do a photo shoot. I have lots of ideas!
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I totally agree with you, Maclfy, and I am glad you pointed that out.

My intent wasn't to take pictures of whole cars because a car show is a terrible place to do that--it is impossible to keep the other cars out of the picture, let alone the people and other distractions that take away the cars' beauty.

I was actually going for the type of picture that you complimented as calendar worthy. The organizers of the event specifically asked me to come because of that type of shot. I also wasn't there to act as a journalist, documenting the event. You are right in that I would have taken an entirely different set of pictures if I were trying to tell the story of the event.

That is why I have the note at the top of the gallery where I tell people that I would love to take photos of their entire cars and do them justice in a proper setting. A place where the lighting and background is something I can control is the place to get pictures of the whole car.

Thank you for taking the time to give me this instructive advice!

Lota of beautiful calander worthy images of car parts, but not a single image that gives me an idea of a full car, the field, or what it was like to be there. Car part shots are always lovely to look at, but a more rounded set of images to tell the tale of the event would have been better.
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