Welcome to e.b. image, the photography of Eric Bjerke, Sr.

Thanks for showing interest in my passion for photography. I hope you will find this site a good representation of what I love about the art.

I have a a couple of other sites set up where you can see and perhaps purchase some of my work. At my Fine Art America site you can purchase a mixture of some of my favorite personal shots or some of the vintage slides I have reclaimed and processed. They have a cool tool that allows you to see what the print will look like framed and matted.

I have some of the same stuff at my Etsy Site as well, so you might look there to see what you might like. Finally, I have a Facebook page that also features my vintage pictures.

It is hard to believe that back when I started photography classes and photojournalism in 1977, my "portfolio" mostly consisted of cheerleaders and sports (what photographer didn't specialize in cheerleaders back in high school, huh?).

As you can see, not only are there no cheerleaders on this website, but there are a great deal of other things I have learned to notice about God's Creation and all the people who populate it.

Occasionally people ask me if I can take pictures of an event, family member, graduating senior, favorite pet--you name it. If you have a need, just ask!

Whatever the image type, as you browse my public galleries, I hope that you catch a glimpse of what I love about the art of photography.

If you ever want more than a glimpse, be assured that prints and framed pieces ordered through this site use the most advanced techniques to produce photographs you will be proud to display.

Thanks for visiting!